3 Ways Exercise Helps You Stay Young

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Hi, Dr. Oz here. Tempted to skip your workout? Feeling less inspired to get to the gym? Well, here's a top tip to keep you motivated. Focus on your heart. Exercise doesn't just build and shape your body, it's like a body builder for your cardiovascular system. One of the side effects of getting older, is that your heart's muscle mass can decrease by 50%. Yes, it's right, half, between your early 30s and late 60s, and this can lead to strengthless, and weakness.

The good news is that aerobic and resistance exercises can prevent or reverse this loss, all it takes is 30 minutes a day of cardio, 4-5 times a week, and 10 minutes with weights, three times a week. So join a Zumba class, go for a brisk walk, swim laps, or go for a bike ride, and add a little weight lifting, and the next time time you don't feel like getting some exercise, have a heart-to-heart pep talk with yourself, literally, to motivate you to get going.

That's my grow younger tip for the day, watch more of our smart tips right here and stay healthy.