What Are the Benefits of a Workout That Combine Different Activities?

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When people hear the word workout, they don't hear the out part, they hear the work part. If I make a client do, for example a body building program for one hour straight, they are just lifting weights everyday or two days a week or three days a week. They are in the gym, it becomes boring, it becomes repetitive, it becomes something they don't even want to do any more.

When I take the program such as weight lifting, mix it with boxing, mix it with a little bit of Yoga, some Pilates, some stress training, the mind now is focused on a genre of things, it's just not one thing they're focused on. So now it's like, okay what's next? What's next? What's next? It keeps me wanting to train more and more.

You're sweating, you're feeling good, you don't know what's coming next. There's no second guessing it, it's just a matter of going in and enjoying the ride and feeling really good about yourself, you have to fuse your workouts, do not stay stuck in just this one thing, you know, I have to just do this one thing.

It's like having the same flavor ice cream everyday, that is boring, so you want to change that up, and also fuse your workouts, you will get better results, you will feel much stronger, you will look better, and trust me losing weight, cutting inches, that thing will be a natural thing, you won't even worry about that any more you would naturally just feel and look good, when switching up the body movements and different muscle groups your brain is also working as well.

You're working the left side, you're working the right side, you're working all of these major parts of the brain, and the muscles are also being worked as well so it's no boredom at all.