Tai Chi: Immune System

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Hi, I'm Donovan Green, personal trainer to Dr. Mehmet Oz. And I know there are many varieties of exercise out there that focuses on major muscle groups such plyometrics, cordial, way training, but today I want to introduce to you Sifu Co Rome[sp?], who's going to be talking to you about Tai Chi in developing stronger immune system.

[BLANK] We've all heard that Tai Chi can improve your immune system. But this hype or is this fact? Let's take a closer look at Tai Chi and if the claims of the immune system improvement are fact or fiction. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial arts that incorporate slow gentle movements, breathing and meditation techniques, when practicing Tai Chi, you should remain in a state of steady, and ready relaxation, neither limp nor tense.

Tai Chi is considered low to moderate form of exercise, so it could be practiced everyday. A Tai Chi session can range into a duration from 20 to 30 minutes, to as long as an hour and a half. There are different styles of Tai Chi, and they range in difficulty. Practitioners of Tai Chi often feel that they're healthier and less prone to the common cold than non practitioners.

Proof is mounting up that what they feel is accurate. The short term effect of Tai Chi on the immune system has been examined by scientists. The study of the immune system of experienced Tai Chi practitioners found that practicing Tai Chi for 12 weeks is able to improve the function of the immune system by making the regulatory T-cells more active.

These cells aids in the prevention of autoimmune disease. Additional studies on Tai Chi and immune system have found that Tai Chi made the influence of vaccine more effective. HIV infected patients should increase in the number of lymphocytes, white blood cells, as well as reduction in stress after practicing Tai Chi once a week, 90 minutes for 10 weeks.

[BLANK] The benefits that Tai Chi appears to produce in the immune system can proved to be very important, not just for people who want to improve their overall health, and avoid the common and cold, but also for patients whose immune systems have been compromised. [BLANK] I'm Karl Romain, and this is how Tai Chi benefits your immune system.