How Can the Power of Positive Thinking Help to Optimize My Workouts?

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Fitness. I always tell people this from the very beginning, fitness does not begin from the physical it begins from the mind. What you think is what you will get. So if I'm thinking that I cannot do this and I will not do this, then chances are you will not do it and you will not be able to do it.

So as far as thinking positive, you always want to keep the I know I can positive attitude. The I know I can, not the I think I can. Once you begin to tell yourself things like that, your performance, your whole entire outlook will be 150% better. Now, Dr. Oz has this thing that he loves to do.

He does not quit. He does not believe in quitting, he loves to push and that's what I love about him. Me. Same way. I love to push. Positive mindset, positive state of mind equals to positive outlook, gets a positive outcome.