How Can I Start Exercising If I'm Out of Shape?

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Hello, my name is Donovan Green, personal trainer to Dr. Oz. I know getting a shape is not an easy fit, but it is not impossible. Stop the excuses and take the first step for yourself by starting with this workout. Well you won't even have to get off the couch. We are going to start off by reaching our arms up to the top, extend as high as you can, on the drop we're going to lean forward, you are going to exhale, breath out, and take a deep breath in, take another breathe in, extend all the way back up to the top and take a breathe out, right so let's go.

Drop down get a good stretch, extend all the way back up, open up the air ways, open up the lungs. That's one, focus down and lift again. Now every time you go down you want to go a little further, every time you breathe out you go a little further into the drop. Now if you can only go this far, that's fine, come back up.

Feel the stretch that's what it's all about, it's about progress, it's about going further and further in the motion, you go this far that's also fine. Keep on going keep on practicing, until you can actually go all the way down and touch that floor. In this motion you learn how to strengthen your lower back muscles, how to strengthen up your shoulders and also your core, and your hip flexes.

Last one and great job, lower your arms. The next move it's going to be the oblique twist, you have your hands up, eye level you could have your palms out or have them closed in, make a fist or open up. We are going to twist side to side this is really great for your obliques. Your oblique muscles are on the side of your bodies, right here on the side.

This is where a lot of people begin to store fat, on the side of the stomach. You want to twist and twist and make sure you are squeezing your abdominals really tight and you want to fell a good tension right here on your obliques. I'm going to touch it a few more time so you can get a virtual on where your obliques are.

Those are your obliques so really twist. The faster you go the more calories you will begin to burn. You have to go on the floor and do a bunch of sit ups or crunches, you can do this sitting right down and five, four, three, two and one, great job. Now we are going to go right into this next one, it's the same thing as the oblique twist but we are going to add a punch to it, so same motion, we are going to twist and punch, twist and punch same exact rhythm, now we're adding more muscle movement which means more calories being burnt.

Keep a great posture look straight ahead, while adding the punches, you're allowing your body to go onto a deeper twist you're getting more work in the obliques and now you're also adding a deeper twist into the waistline. You're also working your muscles and the arms cause every time you punch out, you're really flexing and tensing the muscles up.

You want to flex it, flex it, it's called dynamic tension. Coming up to the last few, here we go and five, and four, and three and two and one. Great job, shake it out a little bit, that's wonderful now the next one is going to be your trunk flexion, this is to learn how to move your body side to side.

You're going to put your hands right here, you're going to focus in bending to the left and going to the right, we're going to take our times though one, and two, every time you go across, breath out and then exhale, inhale, in and out. Now, there are a lot of people who suffer major problems in the back and they cannot do not one sit up, you can sit right up and just bend your body twist the waist, you have no tension to your spine, you're working your abdominals, you're working the side of the stomach.

If you want add a little bit more muscle, you can also flex your biceps, your biceps are right here. You can flex your biceps, tighten your shoulder up, so now you're not only working your waist line, you're also working your arms and your shoulders with no tension on your back whatsoever.

So now you have no excuses why you cannot do any sit ups. You don't need to do sit ups, you can do this and feel great and look great. Now here's a little challenge, go a little bit faster, just a little faster take it up a little bit more. Right, coming up to the last few, keep on going in five four, three, two and one.

Great job, you did fantastic. It wasn't as hard as you thought right? You can do this, anybody can do this, all you have to do is want it as bad as you need it. This is Donovan Green saying, be well. Enjoy the day, see you again.