How Can I Exercise Using Only a Chair?

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Hi, I'm Donovan Green, personal trainer to Dr. Oz. There are countless excuses to avoid working out, all the time people tell me they don't have access to exercise equipment, what if I told you that the chair that I'm sitting in is the only piece of equipment that I need to order the tonne muscles and burn fat and I know that you've a chair too.

So, if you're not already sitting on your newest piece of exercise equipment, go and grab it and let's get started. All right,, so here we go. The first exercise is stand and deeps. You're not actually getting up as yet. Hands planted to the side of the chair. Postures up you are going to sit then you getting up by using your arm and pushing your body up and sitting back down.

All right, so here we go. As you're pushing your body away you're activating the triceps muscles which is the back of your arms. When you're lifting up your body off that chair, go as far as you can, extend your body all the way up to the fullest range of motion. You want to really squeeze the back of your arms, that's triceps.

We have five more seconds to go. Three, two, and one. Great job, now let's go to elbows. Elbow number one, hands up, we're going to strike across the face, come back and strike across to the side, so here we go, ready? As you go across the body, really exert energy, use the muscles and your shoulders, and your chest and your stomach, and twist the body.

As you're twisting your body make sure you want to go just with your elbows are aligned to the side of your shoulders on each side.You don't want to over twist the body and put too much pressure on your back. Let's get a nice twist, elbows align the shoulder four, three, two and one, great job.

Now we go to elbow number two, elbow number two, just raise and straight up, coming back down and back up, coming back down. Here we go, on elbow number two, go to your own flexion, your own flexibility. Some people can actually can raise their arms all the way up and some people can only come to this point, go to your point.

Remember this workout is all about being safe, being healthy, being strong. And if you notice my body is always moving twisting side to side. So I'm working hips, working stomach, and working legs all from sitting down. Four, three, two and one, perfect. From this point we go to speed bag.

Speed bag is as taken my hands are circulating one after the next, okay? So let's go as fast as you can make it. So you're going to start to circulate, this is a great workout that helps attone the shoulders, the stomach, it also works in response to the muscles and speed. Just keep on spinning.

Go to the side, there you go and to the other side, make it fun. Go as fast as you can, challenge your muscles, really challenge it. If this is too fast for you then slow it up a little bit just keep on going don't quit don't stop and go back to the middle, put a smiley face, we're almost there.

Three, two and one, great job. Now we're going to combine all exercises into one motion. Now we're going to actually get up off the sit and do some staff standing and sitting. Let's start up with the standing dips. Standing straight up, going elbow number one, two, three, four, elbow number two up, up.

Finish off with like one, two, three, four. Speed bag, one, two, three, four, speed bags. And then sit right back down, all right? So, let's get started from point one, now straight up and speed bag, speed back and sit hands up, first back. Up again, elbow. There you go swing the legs once again, make it a dance you got to make it a dance, have some fun with it, speed back and speed back, and sit, keep your hands up and press back upKeep your stomach nice and tight push it, as you get more comfortable with it gets the rhythm and push and sit press back up again, keep it going, keep it continuous this is how you burn this calories how you tone those muscles up and drive it up.

Good. All right, this is the last one stay strong, hang in there. Of course. Here we go, elbow strike it up right, speed back and sit. That was great you do not need a gym, you do not need expensive equipment, you no longer have excuses on why you can not work out, we just did all this entire routine basically from kick boxing right in your chair and of course it's got that up all the chair.

This is Donnovan Green personal trainer for Doctor Oz, wishing you well and stay fit and stay strong enjoy your day bye bye.