Walking vs. Running: Which Burns More Calories?

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Hi I`m Dr. Clark with the smart tip to burn more calories. When it comes to burning most which is the best? Walking or running? Running generally burns more calories than walking that`s because when you run your body recruits more muscles which requires more energy and the higher the intensity of your activity the higher your heart rate rises, you`ll also need more energy to keep up that activity during your workout but if you run consistently your body adapts to the stress put on it and over time running at the same intensity level for the same distance or duration allows your body to keep up that level of activity while burning fewer calories.

You might feel like you've plateaued. The solution is to shake up your program and keep it from becoming routine. The more you challenge your body, the more calories your body will burn whether you walk, run or participate in another activity rotate low, medium and high intensity workouts every week to help your body burn the most calories.

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