4 Tips to Maximize Your Cardio Workouts

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Hi, I'm Dr. Clarke with some top cardio tips for you. Aerobic exercise or cardio is an activity that requires sustain movement of the large muscles of your body for at least 10 minutes. Some examples are running, walking, and swimming. These activities challenge your heart and your lungs.

Here is how to get the most from your cardio workouts. Spice it up. Don't rely on a of a single form of anaerobic exercise. Try different activities over several weeks to avoid injury and fitness plateaus. Watch your heart rate. Researchers recommend working out at 55-90% of your maximum heart rate depending on your age and your health.

Vary within this range from day to day or week to week. Add intervals for short verse of increased intensity to your workout. This will help you build endurance and burn more calories. Work out for at least 30 minutes. Everyone needs to at least a half an hour of Cardio most days of the week.

Cardio is important especially as you age. You should gradually increase frequency and duration of your workouts while decreasing the intensity. This reduces your risk of injury while maintaining the benefits of Cardio. For more ways to stay fit watch all of our smart tips right here.