Why Is Having Friends So Important?

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Welcome back to our first ever doctor Osse[sp?] slumber party. At this segment might not be appropriate for kids, just be thoughtful about it. Everyone's dressed up to the hell today, I'm very proud of you all and we are not the only ones having one. So are few of our viewers, lets check in with Vanela, Tiffany and Cannel joining us via Skype from Cliffton, New Jersey.

Hey ladies, how is your slumber party going? Slumber party is going great. Yeah. we are talking about boys, we talking about some skin cream, nail polish, a husband, a boyfriend. I like those curlers. Thank you. I'll [xx]. Will be back on you later, thank you. Alright, now my daughters tell me slumber party is all about gossiping and they have been the one.

So I want to help you get the conversation started on some topics that might be embarrassing but they are so important for you to be talking about. There are three questions, three of them, that every woman needs to ask your girlfriends and here to help me reveal them is top gynecologist, Dr.

Lawrence Striker. Welcome here. Thank you. All those joining as the best friend of 30 years, Susan Beverly and Karla. Welcome. I'm going to sit down with you guys. Alright, let's start with you Susan, what do you guys talk about? You get together I understand every Friday night. Just about, we try, yes.

For how many years? For last, I don't know 10-15 years ago. Long time. Yeah. What do you talk about? Our husband, our kids, life in general. Any cool insights? Some yes, yes. Or [xx] that is why is girl talk so important? You know you can have the coolest doctor in the whole world, but at the end of the day your gynecologist is not your girlfriend, nobody gets you like your girlfriend and I [xx] you're going to be so much more honest with your girlfriends than you certainly with your doctor, even than your husband.

So, this is really your opportunity to clear the air and talk about the things that are most important to you. So there are three questions and I promise that I think that everyone needs to ask their girlfriend. So let's get to number one, which is you even care about sex anymore.

Beverly, you're next in line. Yeah, You do care about sex? Aah, yeah. When was the last time you had sex? It's been a couple of weeks. Couple of weeks? Yeah, we've been doing a lot of work on our house and my husband has been working a lot of overtime. I think it's just because we're tired.

Yeah. Do you normally have more sex than every few weeks? Oh yeah. And you talk about it with your friends? Yeah. Alright, Dr. Strike talk about sex, and why it's so important folks talk about it? You know, look this is one of those things that the women do bring up to the gynecologist, and so often women comes to my office and say, I just really don't care about sex anymore.

There was a study that was done a few years ago. 35000 women between the ages of 18 and 100, this was a Harvard study, and they said, are you having trouble with sex? Low libido, does it hurt and 40% of women said, I'm having a lot of trouble. No surprise, we know that, a lot of studies have shown that.

But then they took it one step further and they said, but do you care, is it distressing to you, do you want to do something about it. Only 12% of women in that study said yeah, I care enough to do something about it. So you're lucky but there are a lot of women out there that just don't care.

So at what point should someone be, do you think someone should be worried if they think they're not worried about sex? Only if it's, I mean this is the point of the study was is it distressing to you? Does this impact on your life in a negative way? And if someone says, no I'm fine, I'm perfectly happy, I'm really fine because you know you used to be when someone will come in and say, I'm having problem with sex, and I say, what's the problem, it hurts, and I blunch[sp?] into my whole thing.

Okay, well let's figure out, why does it hurt, what can we do to fix it. Let me give you some suggestion and now I don't do that. Now, I say, well do you want to fix it, and more often than not they say, no, no, I'm okay.