Why Am I Cold All the Time?

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It's a complain I hear from countless women. Why I'm I freezing all the time? You guys ever asked yourselves that question? Yeah. Complain to the guys what's the matter. Well today, I'll get to the bottom of this question, but first it's time to pick my assistant of the day. Alright who wants to be assistant? Lot of folks out there.

The lucky devil is Margaret seat 148. [xx] woo. You're going to fall. Oh my god. Oh I'm so. How are you? Are they all related to you? They are related to me. Well they all love you. Come on over here. First of all, do you get cold a lot? Yes You do? Yes. And what do you do about it? Try to bundle up and not look like I live in Alaska [xx] likes me but yeah the hands are always and the feet, and then in the middle you have a hot flash so it's all good.

Have you ever complained to your husband [xx] about this, besides dressing up for him? Yes, and he says, "I don't know it's not that cold in here so I don't know." Alright come on over here. Why don't you put your purple gloves on? I was always fascinated when I was a resident for this organ cause it's actually very challenging to really figure out all the things that it does, but it is critical for us because it is called the thyroid.

Now, the thyroid is located in your the neck want to come back to it in a second, but it actually here's the trick here right that's the wind pipe see the little ridges in there and here's the Adams apple right here, and right beneath the Adam's apple is this gland here, and you pull it apart, you can sort of see that is has all that cool tissue in there.

Now, at that size is a normal thyroid it's not that large, but as it starts to get bigger, you can feel and even see in your neck, and if is not working properly, it can have a major effect on the temperature of the body, giving you that sensation that you not feeling the same temperature as people around you, and so let's talk a little bit about why that so, take your gloves off if you don't mind.

Okay. This is really important. We're going to talk about what it is about the thyroid gland that makes us feel shivery and cold, so I want you to stand over by that basket, and I want you put this sign on you because you get to play the thyroid. Oh God. Okay? And I, I'm going to play the brain.

The brain. Okay. I'm the brain. Now, the brain does something very important. It tells the thyroid what to do. It says the hormone, catch the hormone. Right now, the thyroid catches my message and what does it tell me? It pays it back saying, "I got your message and I'm making the hormone." And it makes the thyroid hormone.

then I say make more because it is cold outside. And it does because it wants to make you warmer. But what happens when you get chilly? What happens when you get chilly is, the brain forces the thyroid, you put inside that basket. Life the basket lift basket iup, and the brain doesn't get a message back, because the thyroid got the message, but it's not functioning normally, so the brain sends out another message and says as hey, you didn't call me back, [xx], are u making enough hormone? And the thyroid is working as hard as it can, but it can't.

So the brain sends another message there and soon it's pouring over messages on you and it's having trouble. We got it. We got it. And the thyroid is doing it's best. The thyroid is doing it's best, but it can't keep off, [xx] hypo thyroid is in this. Boom, right. Now, and this the issue that we got to deal with because if the thyroid level is now panic and is growing large to try to keep up with the fact that it can't make the hormones that it's supposed to make.