What Is the Best Bra to Wear?

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Yes. How are you? What's your name? My name is Nicole, I love your show, you're awesome. My question is, I don't know you think that I'm wearing the right size fitting bra and constantly spilling out of it and I want to know if it's best for my back or can be dangerous for my health.

So 85% of women don't have the right size bras, and it's ubiquitous. It's not only dangerous for you, you'd like to support the breast if you can because it puts a lot of forward weight, just the basic physics of the of the breast pulling you forward causes more back strain, there is a little test that I have that actually works pretty well.

Let me have your mic, So put your right hand in the air. A little higher, reach up. Now, bring your other arm around it, feel beneath the breast. Do you think that there's breast hanging out beneath your bra? Come in the middle more. No. Then you just have the right bra size, because that's probably the best.

Maybe [xx] is a better word? Good, she's got the right bra. Thank you very much.