What Causes a Urinary Tract Infection?

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Let me show you a quick little animation you like animation don't you? Yes I do I love them I love you Dr. Oh my God love you So this is what your bladder looks like up in there. I'm going to show you something though, you stay right here, come up to me a little bit. Now you can play the animation, that's what your pelvis looks like from the back, the bones and the back so when you go, bowel movements is the blue and up here the green is where you go urine, okay? So inside the urethra these bugs are starting to grow up there, and as it grows up there this bladder is supposed to get irritated and inflamed.

Now fleece up there, I'm going to point couple things, so number one, you've got number one here and number two your bowel movements down there. Look at that distance and Once the bacteria go from your anus up into the urethra comes through. It's a very short distance that it has to travel not very far at all.

That's why women are much more prone to urinary tract infections that men. Also that's the reason we always say never wipe from back to front, always wipe from front to back, right? Always go to the bathroom after you have sex if possible because when you have a relationship with the men in you life it actually can introduce bacteria in there.

So you don't want that to happen, Okay? You don't want that? No, no, no. Alright, so how do we treat this first of all, antibiotics work really well, we don't want you to be that chronic antibiotics just one pill usually will do the job. There are some well known remedies like cranberry juice, so I want to show you now three tips that might be helpful I think, to a lot of folks realize.

I got horse radish, I've got some pepper-mint tea, and I've go some of these peppers, the chili peppers. Okay. Peppers actually are helpful but not for Urinary Tract Infections. [xx] actually is beneficial, and then this tea is pepmentine. Pepmenti actually has cool things in it including menthols.

So I want you to hold this and menthols are toxic to bacteria. So I'm going to toss to you, your heck of an assistance of a day.