What Can a Woman Do to Be More Comfortable Seeing Herself Naked?

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Equally or getting holding back. It's the emotional penalty we pay as well. So I want both of those married together. Dr. Laura Berman is joining us. She's a leading relations and sex therapist a host of own network hit show in the bedroom with Dr. Laura Berman. This lady is a specialist in weight lose and metabolic disorder and tonight Dr.

Heller of registered dietitian in critical nutrition coordinator at Griffin hospital in Connecticut and I have visited that hospital. So I want to welcome you all and we have to prepare folks emotionally, so the physical improvements will follow. Are we all clear on that? Alright, cause when I hear you tell me that you're just a bloob and I heard that and saw that in the way so many of those women responding in our investigation coast to coast, I know we have to intervene.

So, the first part of making this work, and the first part to make a diet is an assessment of your body and there is somethings you have to do to get mentally prepared, Dr. Lobomo [sp?] is the best at this please join us [XX]. Just so that I know that I am right, can you explain to me how common Carmen's complaints are? Oh my God.

So Carmen, can I just say you had a baby nine months ago and you look amazing amazing. Thank you. It's amazing. But that's not the point because we don't see ourselves as others see us, and I think it if you took a poll, not a woman sitting here, whatever size she was, zero to 50, all of us have something we're insecure about in our body.

None of us feel good about our bodies when we look at ourselves naked. And we concentrate on our flaws. We concentrate on how we don't match up to those idealized and extremely airbrushed images we see on every magazine we read and that's part of the problem. We're doing it to ourselves and to each other.

I see everyone so spell bound here, and I want to figure out what we can do to make sense emotionally. So what are two things, a woman can do to get comfortable in their own skin. So the first is two parts. Come on over with me here, Carmen. This is what I want you to do at home naked.Okay.

So the first question I want to ask you is, and I want you at home to choose three things, but can you right now looking in the mirror choose just one thing that you like about your body. It can be your eyes, your wrist, your fingernails, I don't care but just one thing. My eyes.

Your eyes. Beautiful eyes. Okay. So what I want you to do is when you pick those three things or more if you can, but a minimum of three things when you are naked, when you're feeling self conscious, or even when you're just going about your day. When you start to have those negative thoughts concentrate on those positive attributes.

Okay. So it's a training process you have to do. The other thing is as your standing naked in front of the mirror, give me an example of one thing on your body that you extremely, you look in the mirror and that's right where your eyes go to. Right here, my midsection. What I want you to do, you can practice it now while you're closed, is kind of blur your eyes back and look at this whole sexy thing.

See the whole silhouette, the whole body. That is what every single person who meets you, who comes upon you, the man in your life, that's what they're seeing. This gorgeous figure. Right, they are whistling back there. And so we have to start to practice to see ourselves as others see us.

That's step one. Laura thank you. we're going to have Laura back in a moment and we're lucky we're talking about it. So come with me a little bit, we've talked a little about.