What Body Parts Help Women Have Orgasms?

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So let's first start off to orient everybody, this is the clitoris, right there. That is the clitoris. Dr. Ashton. Good you hit the spot! Yes, didn't I get the spot. Help everyone understand why the clitoris is so important for sex? well most women have heard of it but they all don't understand and they may not have heard that the equivalent structure in men to the clitoris is the penis.

So when you think about sex, most people, men and women just think of the opening. They get tunnel vision part in the pun and by doing that, you miss most if not a majority of the action which really occurs with the nerve endings that are located in the clitoris, they have thousands of nerves endings as much if not a little more than the penis sorry, Mehmet and so it really need to be given particular attention you also need to remember that well, it need to be stimulated too much pressure can actually cause pain so you really have to approach it in just the right fashion.

So you thought you knew about the clitoris but now you know a lot more, okay. That was vulva area number one, vulva area number two is the labia minora. The labia minora is this area right here, that area right there so I'll put this little label there. Dr. Goldstein explain why this is such an important area for women who want have orgasm during sex.

Well the labia minora have lots of nerve endings so gentle stimulation of those nerve endings will cause increased blood flow to the area which will cause arousal and lubrication. So Dr. Ashton, how does the labia minora help with sex. You know it's very interesting. It's part of our genitals that women often ignore and they come in different sizes.

They can be very small, they can be very long and fluffy and they're extremely sensitive and in fact for some women the labia minora is more sensitive than the clitoris and the labia minora come up underneath the clitoris to this little peak where they touch. And that area is extremely sensitive as well.

We call that the frenulum so if you don't know that it's there, you don't know what to do with it and therefore you don't have an orgasm. The final vulva area we talk about the third point is the vestibule which is this red area here, the vestibule. You haven't heard about that but Dr.

Goldstein tell everyone why that's absolutely essential for people to know about. Well the vestibule means entrance, entrance to the vagina. So what's so important about this, is first of all if you were having pain about 90% of people who have pain have pain in the vestibule. So knowing where it is can help you show your doctor and it can help them figure out why you're having pain but it's also important because the glands open into the vestibule.

So that's where you get most of your lubrication during intercourse as glands are opened into the vestibule. And your Jen how does medication effect that whole process of lubrication in the vestibule? Exactly that's often the silent villain in this picture if you will. So very common medications antihistamines, birth control pills, antidepressant can all contribute to vaginal dryness.

So you never want to stop that medication before talking to your doctor but if you are on one and you think you having problem in the vestibule or with dryness talk to your doctor. There are plenty of varieties we've heard about some great ones. This is one that a lot of women like it's called Replens, it's a combination of palm oil, mineral oil.

If you don't want to spend money for that saliva works really well and it doesn't cost you anything. Well stated Dr. Ashton. If I make one other overall or arching point, if a medication says a dry mouth as a side effect it will also dry it up in here. It's one way for you to remember if this might be the side effect of one of the medication that you are on.

Now that completes our road map and I want you to remember that the better you know your body, the better you have a chance of being fulfilled in your sex life. [xx] thank you very much. Thank you Dr.Oz. Thanks to Dr. Ashton, Dr. Goldstein, we will be right back.