What Are Causes of Urinary Incontinence In Women?

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To our next question comes from a celebrity that played a non named [xx] and is the first woman to host the academy awards solo, she now gives her point a view that's right they're all yelling at you, now give your point of view everyday on television will be [xx] my good friend.

[APPLAUSE] >>And after [xx] listen I've been diagonised with light bladder leakage, I want to know what causes this embarrassing condition, and could I have prevented it. She's hilarious I love her you know what I love the most about her, she ask very direct questions and personal questions, and she's very comfortable in her own skin that's what I want to cultivate with all of us just get that out there.

So, bladder leakage come up here play with me a little bit, right so this is a demonstration that I think is a pretty good one to demonstrate to most folks exactly how the bladder is supposed to work so if this to the bladder here, you have the urine coming out from below all you see normally is that little bit there, but what I want to do is show you what's happening on the inside.

Normally it's supposed to be kinked the way this is kinked, but over time if you had babies as you have, or if you got extra weight on board like this it puts pressure on there, now I want you to gently unkink that, to hold the water, pull the little tip there. Should I take this side? Yep Good, it's obsolete Oh oh oh may got a problem, now you got big time leakage oh no so what you want to do is exercise with that strength in this angle up a little bit so what you can over time be able to do, is stop it again.

Makes sense everybody? Alright.