Are There Natural Remedies to Boost the Libido?

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Viagra is the most prescribed medicine for sexual dysfunction. Prescriptions have been written for 35 million men around the world. But did you know that there are also natural alternatives for both men and women that can boost your libido. Well, today I'm revealing three of them. Mona and Keith are joining me, how are you? Hi! Hi Keith, how are you? Alright, so they are a lucky couple and what I'm going to do is have them try this out, I bet you'll like them, but we'll see Ready to play? Sure.

Alright, everyone's excited, alright, Keith! So, the first sex booster is actually a pretty simple dish. It's Asian Ginseng, and we put it into this Korean Ginseng chicken soup which is a pretty common meal eaten in Korea. So, take a sip and see what you think, I'll share it with you.

Sort of bland, but it takes good. Here's why it's so cool because Asian ginseng actually this is nitricoxide[sp?]. Nitricoxide[sp?] is very short lived gas, and it's a gas thats very important for opening up the blood vessels that supply the penis. And so, it allows you both to act on your impulse but also it gets you jazzed up for the moment.

Now, my good friend who is a medicine hunter has always told me about this [xx], come closer Mona. This is actually ashwagandha, so take a sip. This is ashwagandha tea, it actually belongs to the pepper family and it promotes relaxation. I'll be really cool it does taste a little peppery.

It does. Do you like it? A little bit like green tea. Now, one of the reasons it works is in helping you relax is because it turns on this chemical system in your brain that we know is so crucial for allowing that libido to flow freely. Okay. Do you have a hard time relaxing? Little bit, yes.

So, you think you want to take it home with you? Sure. Thats for one of them, I think. Now, this is the one but I think all of us can try it, and this is one of my favorites, it's called rhodiola. Rhodiola is used actually in Siberia by the Russians to maintain not only their libido but their vitality, and it works by breaking down dopa mine and serotonin at the right amounts.

So, it slows down your loss of those key chemicals [xx]. Put your tongue out, okay. Keith! He put his tongue out so far he's earned two drops. Now, what do you think? It tastes like alcohol a little bit. pretty powerful? Yes, it's strong. What is rhodiola? Rhodiola is a root from the plant rhodiola.

You can actually have it sometimes you can put in vodka, and it makes the vodka this really light pink color. So, we actually have parties sometimes, you put a little of the rhodiola in the vodka. I think but it affects your libido boost so anyway. Now, these are not mainstream, you haven't even heard some of these phrases before, but you'll hear them more and more as they become more common place but they are all available in helpful stores, and over the web and again, because they are verbal therapy, you want to read up on them before you start taking them.

They do have sometimes affect on other medications you may be taking. Make sense? Thank you very much.