Are Men or Women Better Communicators?

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We all, all of us have questions about the opposite sex and today we're launching a battle of the sexes to get the answers. In our audience, men and women who we split down the middle, who are ready to rumble about the differences between the genders when it comes to sex, lies and fidelity.

To answer your burning questions, I brought in an all star are panel of experts. Playing for the women, Dr. Laura Barman, sex therapist and author of The Book of Love, welcome. And body language expert Janine Driver who wrote, You Say More than you think. Representing the men are Rev Run from MTV's reality show, Run's House and Dr.

Ian Kerner, sex therapist who wrote, She Comes First. Now, your email docs, your Facebook docs, your Twitter docs, your questions we've compiled them in our battle of the sexes question box, and to get us started, where's Maria? Maria, come on up Maria. So Maria, reach down in there, pick out any question you want and let's hear it for the audience.

All right, here she goes Maria, the tension's on. You guys ready? Yeah. Oh! This is a great question. Who are better communicators? Men or women? What do you think Maria? I think women are better communicators because of course women always feel the need to put their families first, they think before they speak all the time.

And guys don't do that? Never. How about by implications? Never. Men on the other hand, do no think before they speak, sorry. There are no consequences involved. Women always, consequences are a big deal for them, family and children come first and men on the other hand, that's not the case.

Janine, what do you think? I think women are better communicators. Just in my experience, even, and my dad is a mechanic at a fire department so growing up he would not really say, I love you and his way of telling us he loves us is, I'm the oldest of three girls and he'd change our oil.

And I'd come home from college and as soon as I get in the drive way you'd be out there to changing my oil. One time I got a dog tag, you know those dog tags you're going to get engraved, and I wrote, dad I love you too and I put it on my oil, dip stick. So, I come home, I'm there for 5 minutes he opens the trunk, he looks like [xx] then he saves it, if that's his way of saying he loves you.

I think they communicate differently. I think women are really great at articulating what it is that we want and what upsets us, I think we're the best at communicating. Sorry boys. Of course you'd say that. Of course you'd say that. Laura what do you think? I think women are great communicators and certainly, I think this generation of men have been taught to communicate better, but quite honestly, I think we're all good communicators, we just communicate differently.

For instance, men need the point first and then you fill in all the details and women like to give all the details leading up to the point and if you don't give the point first you lose them along the way, am I right? That's a very good point. So I think it's just that we communicate differently.So Ian.

No no. Be honest here now. [xx] Keep it real. You know what I think also, I think women are very good with face-to-face communication and eye contact, and I think from evolutionary perspective it has a lot to do with women taking care of kids and educating little babies. Men when they historically looked other men in the eye, we were going into battle and war.

So I think a lot of times, a woman wants to have a conversation and she wants all that eye contact, and all of a sudden, I know in my own life I turn into, it's like Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver. It's like, you're talking to me? You're talking to me? Rev, you deal with this a lot.

I have a different take. I just think women talk more, period. When I think about each time I'm with my wife, I come in and she's talking and talking and talking and she says, are you listening to me? I'm thinking, I'm listening to you honey. No, you're looking at your Blackberry. [xx] How is she doing this? [xx] This is priceless, what do you think about that? He's wrong, number one [xx] Is he's wrong because of what it said or because he's a guy.

Both. BothDr. Oz let me tell you something. A lot of times when we want to talk he's looking at his Blackberry but he'll get upset if I don't look at him. But see, we can do a lot of things at one time, men can't.But I'm on Twitter putting out words of wisdom. Dr. Oz, that's why guys have ears on the side of their head so they can look at other things while we're talking to them.

They're not paying attention. I actually think that women are more auditory but guys are more visual. That's RightSo we communicate in different ways, which is why we sometimes miss each other so dramatically.