What Parts of the Body Are Involved In Weight Loss?

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Welcome back, it's game time again here on the Dr. Oz Show and today we're playing What's My Function? That's right another great game here to play our best girlfriends Dossel Angela welcome today and is a big clue. Today we are focusing on organs that are critical to maintaining and losing weight so they are important to know about.

Are you ready? Yes. Okay get your hands ready organ number one first clue. I am packed with hormones, by the way if you guess you and are wrong your pony can hear all the clues, so be careful I'm packed with hormones clue? Yes. Thyroid. Oh that's unfortunately not right. All right.

Dossel don't you guess I'm giving some more clues, more clues I can give you a shot of adrenaline when you need it, get it. Adrenaline? The brain Adrenaline. Can I guess? Yes, is too late. You get the point, that was close enough [APPLAUSE]. Getting close. All right rule number two you get the hang of it? Now this is for real.

This is for real? Okay. Organ number two, I hang from the stomach I store a dangerous pile of fat in me I should look like Naila's stockings but I rearly. Yes. Colon, No. Here's the last clue, got to be careful now. If I'm too large you will lose your momentum Oh, Oh men.

Nice job there you are. [APPLAUSE] All right, now big question here everyone is ready? mm-hm Angela I will be patient if I were you. Adam keeps his Apple near me. I get large if you neglect me, I slide when you swallow? Yes? Thyroids. >>Yes! You're correct. Now, I want to talk a little bit about what the thyroid does.

Critically important for maintaining your metabolism, number one, wheezing hormonally what we have weight gain in America and that's the reason I will put that as my third major organ for weight loss. Remember all three of these organs are important for that function, adrenal gland, the omentum and the thyroid.

Now, you guys have been such a pleasure to work with, that we are going to, because there are no losers on the Dr. Oz show, everyone is a winner so we're giving two grand prizes. Here is the prize, you get healthy foods multivitamins, but you also get The Anatomy of the Body, I used this book when I was in med school and it's a lot of fun.

Thank you. >>Thanks for playing. [APPLAUSE] Thank you.