How Might My Hair Loss Be Related to My Weight Loss?

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And into the final question is actually from our Facebook account, Nancy asked, I've lost 25 pounds and I'm at my goal weight. Congratulations Nancy. I've also noticed a lot of hair loss lately, is that related? Now that's the next I think question I hear a lot of folks talking about episodic sudden hair loss.

Stress does cause that, and stress doesn't just come because you have a problem with your relationships or your job, it also because you stressed your body by going on a really severe diet, even if it's unhealthy diet necessarily that sudden shift changes how many of the hairs coming out of your head are in the growth phase versus the resting phase.

And so what may shift to being in the resting phase, they begin to fall out more regularly, and that's one of the reasons you'll have clumps of hair coming and onto the ground. I love these questions thank you very, very much. I have tons of places you can ask me questions if you visit my Facebook page, send me a tweet on and Twitter of course go to