How Can I Speed Up the Process of Weight Loss?

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Nice outfit. Thank you. My question is, how do you speed up the process of weight loss, should I be doing more cardio or most [xx] training? How many people think cardio is the best way to lose weight? How many think it's through weight lifting? So evenly split, evenly split here is a reality, the reasons for [xx] because most people don't know for sure what the answer is.

The question is a little bit erroneous itself, because if you ask the wrong question you won't get the right answer you shouldn't ask how do I lose weight, you should ask how do I lose waist, because when you start to lift, even your body weight, you'll begin to build muscle and muscle of course weighs more you want to actually build up muscle because it's like a [UNKNOWN] is chewing through the calories of the body, what people don't appreciate is when you lift weight, and I'm not talking about big weights, I'm talking about doing things like yoga [xx] is when you lift your own body weight, you get that long lean muscle.

Your body will burn more calories in between workouts than during the workout, because the muscle is rebuilding itself from what you did to it whereas when you do cardiovascular which is good for your heart, you're only burning calories while you're on the treadmill or when you're walking, you will not burn calories the exercises, to my favorite to lose waist size, although your weight may not go down as much is to build lean muscle mass, fair enough? Thank you.

Everyone thanks for your questions. We'll be right back.