How Can I Break a Weight-Loss Plateau?

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Welcome back to my surprise party. I am Seroney but they are my ultimate fans, you guys are having a good time? Yeah. They reveal pricey way you can break through that weight loss Plato and keep getting slimmer. That is week six about moving and lose a plan. I mean all of everyone who is joined up has a million and counting.

We jump started this for a year with a brand new challenge. We teamed up with Mike to create our first ever interactive weight loss plan. 11 weeks, the move it and loose it, each week customized by you. The old days we gave you a plan, and you were basically on your own, now we're with you every minute of the way.

Your response towards us. Almost half a million of you are already loosing weight on the plan. The Dr. Oz show. You called Email and send thousands of letters. We heard from you on Facebook and Twitter raving about the food tracker and the personal training plan. Now, with five more weeks to go, you're more that half way to the finish line.

But, this can be a challenging time on a diet. So, today we focus on speeding up on your weight loss and breaking through off plateau. Now, that's the plan new way to get past that frustrating weight loss plan, though I keep hearing about reducing coach Dr. Rubinia Barrack is here along with Michelle was on the plan.

Welcome to the [xx]. Thank you. So, how's the plan going? It's fun, well I lost a few pounds the first couple of weeks, and now I'm kind of stuck. You stuck. Yeah, deep in help. I hear you, I'll tell you. With a month in now with what's happening Dr. Oz why is it after a month, everything is so straingh[sp?], and we can't keep going, how do we get past that plateau.

Well first of all your body gets used to fewer calories, more exercise besides and it kind of looks lazy but we can do some things to kick start it and push you into high gear. So, here's the deal, you speak for lots of folks. A lot of people signed up and you not alone. Dr Ross two surprising and effective ways that you can get past the war that you just said.

You want to know about it. Cool, yes. Here we go, the first surprisingly break through to Weight-loss plateau, is to start with a Sunday. I love strawberry, ice cream. You know Dr. Ross is a trick star, its this Sunday, but not quite what you think please explain. Okay, so you are going to start every day with a Sunday.

So, for the next week here is what you are going to eat for breakfast. You are going to have low fat Greek Yoghourt, Strawberry, Banana and unsweetened Coconut, we are going to have a little flaccid, and here get ready braise yourself, hold yourself it's mata green tea, and that's the green that.

And so what you get you high protein, you've got ream protein, you've got good fat, and you've got the top the caffeine and the over metabolism boosting ingredients in much green tea. Go and take I think it's fine. I think this thing absolutely spectacular, Matcha green tea has been talked about for a long time, I'm convinced now, this can help us.

What do you think? Great, great. It have been good. Alright, we're going to give you the recipe, it'll be on, and you'll learn about Mata [sp?]green tea, and can make it before you redial right? Started passed the flat tab. So, step one, go right over there. The second surprising way cut from me, to break through your weight loss Plato is, eat your water.

What the heck does that mean? I know. Felt crazy right, its' who have ever thought about eating water except for. That's wrong worries me sometimes but what we mean by this is that we want you to eat high volume foods that are nutrient dense and contain a lot of water foods like melons, fruits and vegetables that contain contain a lot of water.

This way you fill up on food you can eat lots of food, and still cut calories at the same time. Well, everybody act role is known she's great motivated, but she is always got dated behind what she is talking about, there is stay down resume looking at women who had water rich foods the kind we are talking about here.

Over the course of six months, they lost 33% more weight. And those who are earning low fat diet. Not even an average, now you saw Michelle. Michelle, Dr Ray, thank you very much.