Flab Buster Workout

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Welcome back I'm always telling you how important waist size is for your health and today we're going to weight over our waist in the ultimate flab buster work out. Please welcome baster expert Susie Kill. So what is the flab busting exercise looking all about? Well this is a unique way to dance and be able to lose weight, burn calories and get those problem areas toned up, the muffin top area, they talk about the way flying, your butt, the top of the thighs, the quadriceps and your shoulders, making your way fly look.

I'm excited now everyone pay attention we are all doing this together same thing they are rend iced to three moves is that right? Three moves so let's take it right from the top. Everybody called ride the train. Number one ride the train, what we're going to do is we're going to step out to the side, both hands parallel to the waist and we're going to chug, we're going to [xx] those steps forward and then we going to try and change that.

Gyrate, lead with those hips Dr. Oz, applause applause. That's step one. Number two. You know, your mom said this all the time, watch your mouth. So, you're going to watch your mouth, knee hop, watch your mouth, ha. Number three. I'm getting worried now. You're going to be okay this is called the Palm.

We're going to interlock the fingers, we're going to press the palms down and thrust the hips forward. You got that? This is a dance workout? This is a dance workout. so we're going to go, three, two, one me leap per side, so, we activate the chest, good. Three, two, one to the left you got it.

Alright, now you brought five, five [xx] to move with us, come on out, bring them on. Everybody up everybody up. Let's go Everybody up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up. Everybody ready? Are you ready? Drop. Alright, five, six, five, six, seven, eight, grab the train you got it, alright, pump it out, three, two, one, right, three, two, one, come on, now you know we need your [xx], you got it, yeah Keep it going guys keep it going.

Thank you.[xx].