What Superfoods Can I Buy for $5 or Less?

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Welcome back to five dollar Friday, I'm reviewing four super value super foods. You can buy it at any grocery store. These super foods packed up most nutrition, for five dollars or less. We sent audience members to supermarkets, with five bucks to find them. We sent Kisha, Hun, Jerry and Natalie to our local supermarket, and gave each of them just $5.

With one aisle assigned to each, they had just five minutes to find one $5 super value food. Rice and beans. Apple a day keeps the doctor away. It's super food. What I'm I going to get, let's look over here cheese, no. Candy. Why I'm I in this aisle? Butternut squash. I'm looking at pearl barley.

Dried apples. Eggs are good, but I think they are high in cholesterol. You know what, I really you need to put these back. It's harder than it looks. My $5 super food pick is going to be the goat milk yogurt. For some reason, I'm feeling the yam. I got to get out of here. Popcorn, lima beans, seven grams of protein per serving.

I'm going with the lima beans that's it. What did you get? Jerry the first You went to the dairy section with her five dollars and you chose? Goat milk yogurt. Goat milk yogurt. Audience what do you guys think? Yeah. Let's check it. Let's check it. I got my little scanner here. Are you ready? Find out the truth.

The first super value, super food is, eggs. Eggs! The why eggs? A half a dozen cost, about a dollar. That's 17 cents per day. Six eggs a week, have been shown to lower the risk for mercury regeneration, this is eye disease. So what's leading cause of blindness around the world. The yolk contains a vision protective product, a chemical called carotenoids.

We should talk about getting sort of the both get sensor color in your eye. Now I think with this close I'm getting in is the least I can do, absolutely. Thank you, thank you very much. Alright up next is Kesha. Where's Kesha? Come on, hey Kesha. I saw you there, in the produce aisle. Gives your play in the produce aisle and you picked, what's in here? Yam.

She picked yams. Alright, the second super food in the produce section is onions. Onions shockingly, onions which costs 69 cents a pound. Alright, a half an onion a day can help decrease many cancers including breast cancer, which folks are fearful of and colon cancer which is also extremely common.

Now, do you eat the at all? Yes, I love onions. Do you enjoy them?Yes. Do you want to know what about them? You don't have to buy organic. The money saving tip. I'll tell you why. They don't spray onions the same way the spray a lot of other vegetables and fruits. So go ahead, it's all yours.

Thank you. Thank you very much. Up next is Hun. Come on up Hun. Welcome Hun. Thank you Doctor Oz. So we sent you down the rice and bean aisle and you picked, Lima beans. Dried lima beans. Dried lima beans. Guys do you like her choice, what do think? Let's find out. Beans are a pretty smart selection the third super value super food is, chick peas.

Chick peas. Yeah, here's the deal. Chickpeas are also called garbanzo beans, cost $2.9 cent a bag. Now lima beans have many the same health benefits. Yeah, exactly it costs a tiny bit more, that is why it edged you up by having chick peas. The other thing I love about it is that one cup gives you 50% of all the daily fiber that you need, which means it will keep you full.

Now, do you like chick peas? I love chick peas. How do you make them? I like them, like I add them on my salad, I like hummus. I love hummus too. I got a little secret for you. It's a money saving tip that I didn't know about for you to shop. Instead of buying canned chick peas, it's how lot of folks get them, you can get them in a bag, and here's a number the ratio difference, seven and a half cooked cups, cooked cups in a bag, and only one and a half cups in a can.

It is a huge difference and for the same price pretty much. So you going to have these chick peas, they are all yours because it doesn't cost very much. Thank you very much. Thank you. Alright, now to Natalie, come on up Natalie. Natalie all the pressure is on you. All the pressure is on Natalie.

We sent Natalie to the snack aisle, which is a very dangerous place to send a person. Exactly. And she went in there, and she struggled and she picked popcorn. Audience, what do you think about popcorn? Alright, the fourth super value super food is, popcorn. Here's the deal. A 32 ounce bag of kernels, can make a 135 pop cups.

So we did the math, guess what? If you have three cups a day of popcorn, which is a reasonable serving, it cost you 5 cents a day. It's hard to beat that number. Now, I'm also shocked by this but guess what, popcorn has polyphenols in it. Polyphenols are those powerful plant compounds, that the body fight of cancer and heart disease, popcorn has four times more polyphenols than average amount found in fruits.

And the money saving tip, is that you should buy the kernels and air pop them, rather than buying the.