What Medications Should I Avoid If I'm Pregnant or Trying to Get Pregnant?

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A couple of other questions that are series about drugs, what's the best thing to take for colds when you are pregnant? And what's the best thing to take for sleep? Okay, so the sleep I'm gonna take because my favorite. We actually had a great debate in this. Looked through the literature and now it's common to do what we came to the conclusion, right? Which is a unison, good old fashion unison.

Which we have a lot of experience in the first trimester because we have used it in combination with another drug for nausea and it's actually a relatively safe. But there are all sorts of homeopathic things that you can do to increase your chances of going to sleep and those are actually covered in the book and the other.

For colds. For colds usually we ask patients to avoid things that have pseudoephedrine in them because that can affect the. Pseudoephedrine can constrict the arteries to the uterus. And affect your fetus. So one of the best things is chicken soup. Yes, good old fashioned chicken soup.