What Is Morning Sickness?

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The number one to pick that past people go into the internet for health answers guess what it is it's So, the day I'm feeling all the questions you have in your pregnancy, I'm taking out any categories, who's first. Jade, you're up? Right. Go ahead Hi. Hi. Okay, my question is about morning sickness.

I have terrible terrible morning sickness. And I'd like to know, first off what causes it? And how can I get rid of it? Well, morning sickness is pretty common. Here's the deal, if you think about it, a mum can get food poisoning and it's not a big deal But, if she's pregnant and gets food poisoning, the baby couldn't deal with that as well.

So having morning sickness in our species allowed us to stall forward and really be very conservative about what we ate even in times of famine, and for that reason there's a huge value to morning sickness, I think about that. The good news is the blend tend to be safe for the baby actually help deal with your morning sickness hugely, not in everybody but for the vast majority of folks whole grain, simple toast, and by the way cold foods are better than hot foods.

have more aroma to them, which can be nauseating cold flus tend to be a little bit duller in their tastes. That makes a lot of sense. Makes sense.  Yeah.  Thank you for the question Thank you Next question is from Beth. Where's Beth? Hey Beth, how are you?

Quite good. My question is of some cell research and cord blood thinking. I have been reading a lot about it, but it seems awfully expensive. Will I be a bad mom if I don't do it or what else do I need to know?

 Well, This is a topic that I spend a lot of time with Mike as we were researching the book, and I'd like to help answer this and yes she brought some shawl and towel and I knew this question was coming from somewhere, come on over here, alright Beth. So, you going to have to be the assistant on this.

So, we brought you some crumps, okay
 so what cord blood is, this is the cord you saw it before put a clamp right here , clump across it, okay, my finger got cut a little bit and then what this is, they then cut of, and this is the cord. And what you do is, there's a kit that comes with it. So the kit is just to drain the blood from this segment of the cord in the ear Pretty easy, but this is magic.

They've stem souls. So you're absolutely right that it's magic, and it's relatively expensive if you save it for, but it's free if you do it for the rest of the country, that is for anyone else. So, the thing is. Don't waste this. Do donate them it's just like wriggle blood bank. There are at least 50 disease that we get to treat because this magical stem cells.

So, save it for someone else, and then if everyone does it when you need it or your baby needs it, it 'll be available for you Thanks Mike, alright next question is from Maureen. I'm thinking of having a pre planned C-section to fit in with my schedule, what are your thoughts on it?

I got to say, C-sections are a big deal and we don't treat them like a big deal because people survive them, but there are many more complications with C-sections than regular versions of deliveries and I don't think it should be something that sort of surgery, you're making a profoundly important decision that affects you body for years to come.

Remember caesarean section means you have scars in your belly, they can [xx] they can hurt your intestinal system there is very good reasons to have a C-section, if the child is too large, the child has a medical problem, the placenta is not in the right place, these are all reasons to have C-section, but if you go to do it, you got to do it as latest possible in the course of you pregnancy but I can give you the biggest tip possible.

The [xx] women feel sometimes they don't want to have the same criteria for caesarean section as their doctors do and the mistake that women make is they go to their doctor and say, "Here is what I want, do this for me. And that's by the way [xx] really good advice, the problem [xx] with that advice is that if you are making your doctor do something that makes them uncomfortable they'll still probably do it to please you not it's not the best thing for you.

You want to find a doctor who already wants to do what you want so if you don't want to have caesarean section find someones who really doesn't like to do them and try to talk you out of them If you sort of want to get one because you think it might be better for you for whatever reason, find someone who is more aggressive in doing Caesarean section.

So your make sure your personalities and mindsets match don't try to make a decision because you want it to be that way don't wish you were into any problem. Okay
Sure enough?

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Thanks for your question. Thanks everybody.