What Causes Urge Incontinence?

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So what do you know about [xx] incontinence? Not much, thank you. [xx] to say I don't know more about it. Is there a time that you've you [xx] a little bit? Never. Never in your whole life? No. Thankfully no, I hope I can never tell you that I do. Well I mentioned how common this because a lot of forks have it and they will never talk about it publicly, and you smell pretty good so I don't think you got an issue but, that is unfortunate, Yes you clear up well, but that is other ways that we can tell them of coarse it's embarrassed in people, they don't want to go out in public that hinders them from living their lives and if you are one of those 7% of people, it's big deal for you.

So, let me explain what it is, what happens and what we can do about it. So, it's sort of urinary incontinence but on the back side and it's one of the most common causes of people really not want to talk to the doctors honestly, let me show what the anatomy looks like so look behind you, you see have basic sphincter muscles down here and they are two the internal sphincter and an external sphincter and these muscles can get torn, damaged or the nerves that go with them can be injured, for example giving birth that tear doesn't always be control as long as you rip right in to the anal areas and destroy those muscles, sometimes in folks who have dementia because you in the demetian that means that the nerves of the brain aren't working well the same thing that happens to nerves it goes to the gut, so they can develop the incontinence as well just one more further embarrassing area the.