What Can I Do About My Hemorrhoids?

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Store there are some over the counter treatments, hydrocortisone gel and creams. They will all work really well and they will rebel 1% without having a big prescription written for you. You want to use them twice a day I give it from the morning and the night for about a week they work fantastic well but here's the bigger tip, can I ask you a personal question? My age? No.

Do you use toilet paper? Yes. You do? I do. If you got poop on your hand would you wipe it with toilet paper or would you wash it off? I will wash it of in the sink afterwards. I thought so, so when you use toilet paper this is what I see. Toilet papers like sandpaper so your bottom which is already little sore is getting rubbed and shaved and irritated as you take that toilet paper which your body again thinks again is a sandpaper rubs it, so I would strongly encourage you to use something moist to clean your bottoms.

So they have moist wipes now. You can take cloth moisten it if you wish. Can I have them for the kids they have a little fanciable life? So why do they get better than you? All that you expand for kids but I don't see the staff too and I can't tell any people I see my practice as they are about to walk out of the office we'll certainly admit that they have hemorrhoids like your sister probably has and won't tell us.

And it becomes a problem and they don't.