Is It Safe to Dye My Hair While I am Pregnant?

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Is it safe to dye the hair while pregnant? It's safe to dye your hair while pregnant. You can do lots of fun things to look healthy and beautiful when you're pregnant. In fact the benefit of reducing the stress you might feel from not appreciating how attractive you're to the people in your life, is probably worth the benefit of getting your hair dyed.

The same goes for all kinds of all the procedures you might do for yourself including for example, getting your teeth bleached but what I would not do is do a cosmetic surgery, I would not get all kinds of dental work done. You want to avoid things that could really destabilize the equilibrium you have with your child and avoid exposing the child to toxins that absorb in to you but dying your hair does not appear to result in significant absorption of the chemicals as long as you're not putting dye on lots of women without gloves in hair dressing business then, you're probably safe without gloves.

And also, I was going to also say that I think that the danger lies more in environment that you're sitting in with the fumes from all of coloring agents and so I think as long as you're in an area that's well ventilated I think that you're going to be good.