Do Pregnant Women Need to Eat 300 Extra Calories a Day?

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I have some world experts in the house today so let's get to them, go ahead. So, if you're supposed an extra 300 calories a day, how many calories that you're supposed to eat. So, the 2000 plus 300 because I don't think I was eating 2000 before. I love detailed questions then take it away.

Well that depends on starting body weight and whether or not, you're at risk for gestational diabetes have diabetes in pregnancy, or a lot of women are diabetic before they conceive. So, then we break down the calories a little differently but largely it's based on your weights, and the trimester so that's an excellent point that not all of us are eating 2000 calories or 1500 calories, so we really do it more by your body weight.

You want to gain an appropriate number of weight over the course of your pregnancy but remember two thirds of women are obese when they become pregnant. So, those women should not be gaining 30 pounds during their pregnancy because it's only going to hurt their health more at the end.

What's your question? What's your name first? Jane. So, I'm expecting twins so I'm wondering if I get any extra calories. Always negotiating. You do. We let them eat a little more when they're having twins. Yes. So, yes of course, when you're carrying twins, your caloric intake that you need is a little more.

And so yes, we do expect you to close the doubling your calories that you would for a single term pregnancy. But the other thing to you have to remember that your starting body weigh, even with twins, you have to manage how much weight you gain, because if you're starting out say the 300 mark, you really don't expect you to gain 30 pounds during your pregnancy.

And 15 should be enough but if you are under weight and you're about 90 pounds then be expected to gain more because you're carrying twins. We do adjust your expenditure accordingly.