What Illnesses Can My Pet Give Me?

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Wendy and her cat [xx] come on out. Wendy come join us Wendy, look at that. So does she keep the assault like that all the time? She keeps to me. Keeps to you, and you go out with her a lot? No. Just very good. Alright what's you bad habit? Her bad habit is going outside because she is such a rabbit hunter and getting into God knows what coming back into my home and spreading germs everywhere and she will not let me wash her.

>>I can see why you're concerned, audience as you've seen this a tuck cat held by its starting about the pores could they be spreading germs and when he's holding causing problems through the house, they seem to think [xx] Tutu what's the answer? Yes. [xx] why is that? Here is another rescue by the way, bless you for this, you got a beautiful ragged old cat.

The problem with cats is they come in and they might have feces bot their own or form other dogs out there, they can get in urine and have left those pores in it and the trouble with cats as up on counter, dogs don't jump up on a kitchen counter, they don't jump up on the table but they can be tracking things in their pores so I recommend only be tracking things within their pulse, so I really run a healthcare program that vaccinates this kind of parasite control but also to wipe their pores off when they come because you can take that stuff off before they jump up, sending with young children in the house with things on the floor.

We get back as your own cat wipes which we're going to test as she works, it's sort of [xx]. Thank you. Thank you very much.