How Can My Pet Make Me Ill?

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What you get from your pet could be more than unconditional love and loyalty. You could be getting sick from your pet's bad habit. To find out if that's true we've called on America's veterinarian and quarantine [INAUDIBLE] member, Dr. Marty Becker help us out. Hey Marty, welcome back.

Thank you. It's really the big question, a lot of folks think about bad habits but is it true that a pet's bad habit could make you sick? In my lifetime I've seen pets move from the backyard to the bedroom to sleep and from the kennel to the kitchen to eat and while the health benefits of pets are much, much, much greater than the risks it's our job to minimize the risk as there are some from having that intimacy.

And some things are safe and some things aren't. So we're going to help tell that apart for three of our viewers, let's get to work. We've got three pet owners, our first pet owner is named DeeDee ans she's brought in her great Pyrenees Kiyoshi, come on out Kiyoshi and Deedee.

[APPLAUSE] That 's the biggest dog I've ever seen in my life, Deedee. Is it really, that's my big baby. He's such a great dog, well attack can kill Coyotes, they're is one Pyrenees region in Spain. >>They kicked the humans out, that's a big dog, oh my goodness. Alright Deedee. What's Kiyoshi's bad habit that makes you worry? Well, to me it's not a bad habit, it's when I get home my big baby's glad to see me so this is what he does come on fella show him what you do.

Give mummy a kiss, give mummy a kiss, oh right, this is what he does, I get a paw on each shoulder. Oh my goodness. That's amazing, this can go spontaneously. All right. What you guys think? Is kissing your dog on the face affecting your health? [INAUDIBLE]. All right truth tube, the answer is, truth tube says no.

Dr. Becker tell us why. You cannot get a cold from kissing a dog, you can't get the kissing disease mononucleosis, you can't get a cold sore from them and while they do have germs and you don't want them licking their wound and you do want to vaccinate your pets keep their vaccines subscript.

There is something called leptospirosis in dog vaccines that's actually transmittable to people so sometimes I vaccine the pet will protect the people but I can testify this dog needs to have a shirt on that says caution I can't hold my liquor because it gave me tonsils swab out there.

In the emergency room they'd always teach us that a human bite was much worse than a dog bite. [MULTIPLE_CONVERSATIONS] You have a mouth with so many germs. I got one for you, one for him. >>Thank you. Thank you very much.