Can My Dog's Bad Habits Make Me Sick?

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Our final guest is Susana and her dog Nadia, come on up Nadia and Susana. Oh! it is a cutie, what a cutie. Look at that. So what is Nadia's favorite pass time? Nadia is trained to, she's a service dog for seizures and then she also loves to shop because she's allowed in everywhere, she's a shopping beaver.

So she's so well trained and so good to be around, what's her bad habit that worries you? Well lately she's been rubbing her butt across my and we never know when it's going to happen so it can happen in front of company and we just want to find out what is going on, that don't mind that yet, all right what do you guys take? Driving your butt across the floor for pets, I'm not talking about humans now, what do you guys think, [UNKNOWN] any problem? YesThe audience thinks so, [UNKNOWN] is dragging your butt on the carpet a problem for dogs and cats? No, how can that not be a problem? I heard a story [xx] every time you see a dog people think of fleas, when you see them dragging their bottom on the ground people think they're worms, but most of the time it is not.

It can be colitis. It can be a little bit of fecal matter if it's attached to the hair there. The [xx] thing is anal gland problems. If you think of the anus like a clock [xx] two glands that important a certain scent to the feces and that's usually what it is, so you want to take it to the veterinarian and make sure there is an accurate diagnosis so you might die of embarrassment when the dog doesn't like Egles Walker cross of benger at the Tender Bay, you're really not going to facing any problems here there every young child that would be eating up for the ground yourself.

How we get a special thinner is easy to apply. Oh, thank you so much. Thank you so much. Laurie Baker. Thank you so much. I appreciate you being here. Dr. Oz. I clarify lots more about what Dr. Baker's up to, be right back.