Why Are So Many Kids Overweight or Obese?

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And I just don't think we are aware of how quickly that shift has happened, its happen in a generation. Plus when I was growing up, you had seven TV channels. Right? We all remember, yeah seven TV channels. Kids TV was over on Saturday at 11 o'clock. That was it. So you had no incentive to watch TV for hours on it but now our kids have 24 hour TV.

They could be watching TV all day, everyday and some kids are more computer games. So things have changed, and people, they are not trying to make their kids unhealthy. They are trying to do the right things but society kind of works against us some times and I think some times we are not aware of how this changes have impacted the quality of health in our own homes.

So its not about place and blame, its just making people aware that some of this stuff might be affecting us because certainly it was in my.