What Is the Drug Called Dragonfly?

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We are about talking about the deadly new legal drug, Dragonfly. One thing that really horrifies me about this drug, is that your kids could be getting their hands on without even leaving the house. I decide to see how easy it is to get this drug with the help of web expert, Jeff Horn and my own laptop.

I went online to try and buy the two forms of dragonfly that had been in the headlines. One of these is 2CE. So I want to order 2CE, type in buy 2CE online, right away at the very top of the screen you've got a link that shows a company that's willing to sell to you. If I'm 18 years old, I can buy this product for $195 though it's probably toxic for most people.

I go ahead add it to your card. Just one gram is that what I want. You can order one gram, five grams or 10 grams. Check it out and that's in five minutes for $195. I can buy the stuff which is like LSD, it have a ship right to my home. And to[xx]. So as I found out it was pretty straight forward to buy the drug 2CE.

Would it be the same for more putoned[sp?] dromo Dragonfly. Really quickly, we found the website that matches sellers of drugs to buyers. These guys are in Denmark, in Cameroon, the syringe are selling one gram for $300. I never knew you could buy this stuff online. And you contact the supplier then they give you methodology to purchase it.

Is that easy? It's that easy. Much easier than I thought to buy this stuff, much easier than it should be. Dr. Lee is back with us. There's no drug dealer here which didn't just shock me, horrified me. Is this what kids are doing now all across the country?It is what kids are doing and I want to say something about the internet but quickly I want to a address the families that were here and just give out my heartfelt condolences, you know overdoses and deaths are a terrible reality of my world and my profession.

It's also what makes it passionate about what we do and our kids are our most valuable assets and you are here and you are encouraging commitment to this is going to make a difference in lives of other people, I just want you to know that. Yeah. Okay. It's never easy with this drug stuff but with internet there are no boundaries.

A lot of people think about drug use happening in some city part of town and some under valleys, someone else neighbourhood not them but it's happening in our homes and our neighbourhoods. The second thing to remember is that a lot of kids who are using this stuff and having deadly consequences aren't even addicts, they are not even full around the stuff.

They are just experimenting. You know we've all seen too many shows like intervention and so we're looking for addiction or threshold for talking to our kids about drugs is too high. We're waiting for them to stumble in belligerent, or intoxicated or breaking things, or bags under their eyes, and too many times families find that they are frustrate because those signs are not there.

[xx] I want to bring back the conversation because that only her nephew take Dragonfly, but some other student at the school will you teach to Dragonfly? So, talk to me about what you're telling your kids now. What are these students hearing from you? I think that the main message that I've always tried to send to my students is that you have to protect yourself because you don't want that fallout.

Nobody ever tries any drug thinking, oh I want to look like that mess poster, because one time, one time is all it takes, and you don't know, you have no idea and those drug dealers they do not have your best interest in mind. They're all about, they're all about the money. They don't care about you, they don't care about what happens to you and they certainly don't care about the after perfects.

You don't even have to know the drug dealers. We did a show last year on bad sorts[sp?], this is exactly what happened. This year's version is dragonfly. The government catches up but is always one step behind. I think we ought to just call them internet drugs because they are. And if I can get them legally and it was so easy, you know which is, what I did first thing when I went home is look through my kid's computers which we're going to talk about.

But it's important to keep up with these names folks. So you need to know the name Dragonfly and 2CE. You need to understand that if it's bought on the internet, there is good chance that even though it might seem legal, and might trick kids who are not using, taking these drugs and thinking it's safe, you got to write these things down.