What Is a Healthy Substitute for French Fries?

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Today I'm revealing the 100 grocery items that I want in your cart. And I took the guess work out of it, to make eating healthy easier. Now, after moving in with a family, the Raleigh family with Dawn, I realized I can't actually give up all the junk food. It won't work, because the Marisa's of the world aren't going to tolerate it.

We were fencing the whole time weren't we? You were tough on me. Yes you was tough on me. Alright, so here are the treats that made my rest that will not blow your diet and they have great option for the kids too. So today mums know with their kids, are going to be my taste testers for everybody.

We're going to see if these thing work or not, I spent an entire day with Dawn, and never saw any junk food. Which just impressed the heck out of me and I began to think, you know Dawn you've four kids and Anthony. I doubt that you can really have a house with no junk food. So, where did you hide it? It was there, they would live on it if we left them.

They love doughnuts, and cake and ice cream, cookies. Everything? Yeah. Marisa is that true? I thought that was true. I could tell. She loves chocolate. The first junk food to make my list is going to shock you all, it's ice cream. Ice cream, Marisa is smiling now, she knows she beat me down this an improved Dr.

Oz sundae. You start with one scoop, it's about a half cup of this double churned ice cream. It's slow if it's cold and it's double churned that refer to as the process of mixing the ice cream. So you stretch out the fat, you still keep the creaminess. Remember half a cup is about 100 calories.

It's not bad, there're fewer calories than a lot of frozen yogurts. So what I do is, take the ice cream, I take some blue berries in there. You like blue berries Marisa? Okay, that's right. And then you mix my favorite antioxidant berries with what I absolutely adore, which are almonds, which gets you some of those healthy fats, a little bit of fiber helps lower your LDL for the mums.

For the kids it's attractive. So it's all up to you Marisa. I'm begging you, I spent a whole day with you Marisa, did everything for you, alright. Go and give it a try. Mum should try it too, just as a backup, just in case Marisa doesn't like it. A little bit good? Really good? Would you take another spoonful, do you like it? Okay, get some more ice cream.

Marisa, you're a girl to be with. My next junk food that I had to get in my list was something that I had to help put parents with, because I know their kids are always asking for fries, so these are sweet potato fries. Joining me is Maryanne and her nine year old daughter Maya. Welcome both of you.

Thank you. So, Maryanne talk to me about your family and how often they ask for French fries? Every time we go out to eat, it's a staple. She doesn't leave home without them because has French fry earings on today. So you like them a lot Maya? Yes. Not just a little bit, a lot. Yeah! Alright, so here is the deal.

I know you have to give the kids something that looks like french fries, so you are getting the closest approximation that we are going to see if it works Maya, as our taste tester, so I'm going to take sweet potato and they're cut up to look like French fries but they are not fried.

Now you take a little olive oil so instead of frying them you're going to mix them with a little bit of olive oil, heat them up, the fibers in these sweet potatoes level was pretty high, you know they almost have that orange color, that means they have vitamin A in them, which is a very important nutrient for a lot of parts of the body including the heart.

And studies have shown that if you've a cup sweet potatoes can actually reduce the risk of cancer. So, for the mums it's a winner, the question of course is will the kids enjoy them? So, if you don't mind my give us a taste mom taste it as well. See, what does Maya think of. Eyes are rolling first.

But are they going to be rolling in joy? It's really, really good. It's good! Would you eat them? Yeah. Eat a lot of them? Oh good. I got four kids. The only way you really know they like it is they go for a second one isn't it? Go ahead I like that. Makes me feel good. Thank you Maryanne and Maya appreciate it.

Thank you.