How Can Parents Get Kids Excited About Healthy Living?

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And now we gather at some point we have to have this national debate and thank you for joining a little bit in it today. About whether we have to make it easier to make the right decisions in America with regard to our health, and no matter how you dice that, the government is going to have to be involved in that conversation at some level.

Well, one of the things that we've tried to do is be a source of information and education, and one of the reasons why I started with kids and I'm focused on childhood obesity because I know that people will do for they're kids what they're not willing to do for themselves they're not able to do for themselves.

We all love our kids, right? We will all move heaven and earth and sometimes we're able to get up the courage to look a little deeper to try something new because it's going to help our kids, and also kids don't come with the baggage that grown ups do. For sure. They don't have the habits that have been entrenched for a generation.

So, add in some vegetable, they may gripe a little bit and they will, my kids do it, everyone does it, but, they are more inclined to embrace some nothing new. And if we make it fun, and we making it something that we're all coming together around as a community, and it's not a battle but it's like, this is going to be fun, it's going to be cool, and you're going to like it.

They'll be more inclined to do it and I've seen that with the kids. The kids that I see, they are so excited, about the changes, the garden, you know growing their own fruits and vegetables, seeing this happen in their own schools and in their play grounds, they want to get moving.

I mean, they are kids, don't want to sit sedentary, that's not their natural state, they want to get out there and play, but some kids are living in communities where P.E. has been taken out of the schools, they don't have gym class, it's not safe to play outside. So again, understandably, parents have had to adapt to make their kids safe, right? Kids don't want to sit around, they are ready to play.

But we've got.