How Can I Tell If My Child Is Playing the Choking Game?

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Half the children playing the choking game don't think that there's any risk involved, including Alex Queen Bee who died playing this game just three months ago. Alex was very happy, very outgoing. He had everything in the world to live for. He had a wonderful personality with other kids.

He loved anything to do with sports. His passion was basketball and snowboarding. On November 16th I saw him that Monday morning. I talked to him three times that day. We just talked like normal, I said I love you and he said I love you too. I get out of work and I walked up into my condo.

I saw that his orange sneakers were by the door. Alex? Alex? Alex? No answer and I found that his door was locked. An uneasy feeling came over me at that moment. Finally I was able to get the door open that's when I discovered Alex's lifeless body in the closet with the belt around his neck and anchored off to the closet rod.

I just wrap my arms around his upper torso, lifted him in the air and his feet were still touching and the belt became immediately lose around his neck.Can you please confirm.Walked into his room and I finally got through, and he's hung himself.And I kept yelling his name, Alex, Alex, Alex.My cellphone rang.

And I could just hear somebody screaming and crying in the background. I knew it was David because I saw it on the caller ID and I heard him say Alex hung himself. And I said Alex hang himself? I felt like someone took my feet out from under me. Please this has got to be something is wrong, it can't be right.

It started just replaying every step of Alex's last six months in the idea of him thinking his life was worth living just did not make any sense to me. He wasn't depressed, he was never unhappy. What the heck could I have missed that Alex could have done this? My primary care physician said, you need to look up something could the chocking game and then I saw how they pass away from it when they do it alone So I said, I need to find out for sure, what better way to find out then talk to his friends.Has Alex ever done the chocking game? Yes David he has, we've have done it with him.I'm not mad at Alex because I think if knew it would kill him, he wouldn't have done it.I will do anything to go back and talk to Alex about the dangers of the chocking game but I cant.

It just happened three months ago my condolences to you, every parent in this audience feels your pain. Thank you. Your mother's instincts tell you that is not a suicide. No, no. Alex loved life so much, he was always on the go, he had so many friends and had such good times. If it was suicide, he would have left me a note, he would have written something, he loved to write lyrics.

He liked to write, just scratch things down now and then, and not only that, but when I asked David, I had to know what he looked like and when David said he was hanging, he was in a half-seated position. Alex was 6' 2'' and the closet bar was probably 5' 5'' and he could have stood and he would have if he could have, but he passed out and he didn't know it.

Well I want to make it really clear for everybody watching on what these symptoms are because you can actually find some of the tell tell signs if you know what you are looking for. So here they are, the first is blood shot eyes, frequent in your headaches, short time memory loss and scars and belts tied to bedroom furniture.

Those are the things you want to look for, if you see any of these signs with your children. Something ought to be going off in the back of your mind saying, are they playing the chocking game?.