Hot and Cold Packs

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What's your cheap solution for pain? My cheap solution for pain, is hot and cold packs you can get them for less than $5 from any drug store the trick though is knowing when and how to use them. Please explain. Okay basically if you have an acute injury or you hurt yourself what happens a little capillaries in your muscles and ligaments get torn, it leaks all this blood, all this serum you get this result, inflammation and swelling this is when you want to use cold, you never want to apply heat to that you always want to apply the cold because that will bring down the swelling and everything.

He is good to prepare your body so if you have more of a chronic pain or a chronic condition where the swelling has gone down, for example athletes or people loosen up your muscles, increase your blood flow, go for the run, do the gym, do the physical therapy then afterwards put the ice, so the rule of the thumb is if you've a swelling you want to ice it if it's a chronic injury cause of heat but with heat you don't want to do anything more than stay 20 minutes at a time.

Very very lucid, I can't imagine how we do it so wrong. We'll you know what they say, here is the thing if you put too much heat a lot off people patients come to me and they say well I put heat on it I slept with the heating pad on, I felt great, but afterwards I woke up with so much pain what happened is that the 20 or 30 minutes you promote the increase blood flow, increase inflammation, increase swelling as we wake up we were worse.

You're cooking yourself. You're cooking yourself plus you could burn your skin, that's a whole other segment right?.