Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex?

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All those little quarks your body has like goosebumps, well today we're solving some of the everyday medical mysteries you've always wanted answered. Here to help me is ER Dr. Arthur, "Why do men fall asleep after sex?" Dr. Billy [xx]. Welcome Billy. He's authored two New York Times bestsellers, everyday medical [xx] about how do you get involved in this? How this become a passion of yours? Get involved in falling asleep after sex or in solving oddities? Yes, both of them actually.

I mean well you know you are a doctor? So what happens is, and you know this, people don't ask you the questions that they teach you in medical school, so they ask you the crazy stuff. And it's wonderful to be passionate about it because it leads to conversations about real health issues, it breaks the ice, we start talking about the oddities, next we're talking about real medicine, it's a great start, it's been lot of a.

A wonderful insight. What are going to do today is take you to a couple of cases, are you ready? Yes. Let's start with case number one, you and your man had a wonderful night together, dinner, dancing and then romance in bed and at the end of it all like clock work, he rolls over and what feels like an instant is out like a light.

So, why do men always fall asleep right after sex? Buddies why do you think men fall asleep after sex? You have your little hand held devices. Please pull them out. You think it is: 1. release of hormones, 2. release of sperm, 3. release of energy. Audience, vote now. Alright they got their log in, you logged it in and let's see the results, and it turns out release energy is the number one reason you think this happens.

Billy why does this happen? I don't know I have to take a test today. The test. It's not a bad guess but release of hormones is really the answer so, there are a lot of hormones that get released, but there are two main hormones prolactin and oxytocin that are released. And it's actually interesting if we get into it, it's actually release more with intercourse than with masturbation.

So, these hormones come out when have a sexual relationship. [xx] home tonight. Alright, so let's, if they don't mind, let's make this come alive for everybody. So we've got a container here full of ping pong balls. The red ones are prolactin, the white ones are oxytocins. These are normal hormones made by the brain.

They do all kind of fun things. They are very slowly released as you fall asleep. So Billy you get to be the sleepy person. I'm a sleeping person. Very slowly and you'll see that gently but surely you'll start to see a few of these balls get popped down, I'm assuming, there we are. He's not very tired, he's getting more tired, there he is, you can pull it out, go ahead, pull it out, there we are, it felt too asleep, good, that's perfect.

Now that's the normal scenario, now after an orgasm, I'll represent that. Those same two hormones come rushing out and because of this, tonight [xx] alright, [xx] case number two? Alright take a look.