Why Do I Have Trouble Urinating?

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Welcome back to our man show, it happens to just about all men as they get older and the tell- tale sign of this problem is his urine, I'm talking about BPH-Benign prostatic hyperplasia also known as an enlarged prostate. If you've been married long enough, you probably know the sound your husband makes while he's urinating.

Sitting next to me is husband and wife Kirk and Nicole, thank you for joining me. How long have you guys been married? 10 years. 10 years? Yes. So, you kind of sort of know it other a little bit, can I ask a couple of questions? You can. So, describe to me, I wish you remember of course that no one embarrass themselves.

It's okay. Describe to me what Kirk's urine sort of sounds like, sort of imitate the sound for me. Sadly enough I know this. He, when we were younger it used to be like a race horse but now it's more like trickle, trickle. Trickle, Trickle. Amongst the other noises that come out of him, you know.

Back off ladies, he's mine. So, basically what you're describing, I've got a little demonstration for you. I want you to tell me if you sound like this. Okay. Now, let's just pretend this is you, you're sort of sitting there and you're waiting. Alright, who's coming? I'm just as eager by the way.

Alright, start it off no hesitation here, there oopps!. There, there. Does that sound. Time to get it right. Did I get it right? Then you get yourself all wet. Alright, let me show you what you're after. Alright, we've got a little demonstration for you. So, this is the that is what was happening in you body that is actually pretty informative.

So, there's the bladder up top, there's the urethra coming in, and then inside the bladder of course the urine is pulled, and eventually goes to the prostate which is right there. Now, the prostate gland is designed very specifically to allow extra flow to be milked into the urethra coming out through the penis here.

But, over time see it squeezes down less space available as you slowly constrict the small pipe going through the prostate, you start to have a difficulty initiating this stream of urine, because now the urine is tuck up in the bladder, it cannot get through this little opening, and because plus it's a long narrow tube.

Any problems in hearing, inflammation, irritation and all of a sudden the whole thing shuts. So, how many people in the audience put your hands up men, how many of you are having problems initiating this stream. Maybe you go to the bathroom more than once a night for example you have to get up and go to the bathroom.

How many honest men are they up there? There are couple of men out there. Now, simple treatments doc, I will give this out as my first line therapy, yes, you can have surgery because they can just borrow out that little hole. Have you heard that? No. It's a little uncomfortable, you go through tip, they go into a little [xx] and turn it out.

I'll pass. You'll pass. Well, what works for a lot of guys there is very effective medication prescription drugs but I actually love salpamedal[sp?], which I think it works well as first line therapy. It's an inexpensive drug make sure that your physicians know about these herbs because they do have interactions with other pills.

But, it's worth trying for the many men out there who are having a little bit high of faith. And the other thing is daily [xx] are actually pretty effective at lowering the risk of [xx] pressure out of [xx], because fundamentally, we think it's inflammation. And inflammation of the gland causes it thickens, a little swollen, and that causes a lot of the problem.

Fair enough. Here, take these home with you. Thank you. And make sure you taste them. I will.