Why Can't I Get an Erection?

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Number one. I am worried because my husband can't get an erection, this never used to be a problem, this is me? Or something else? [xx] strike a husband that cannot have an erection, I think now it's a common problem but it's something that perplexes women a lot on this country.

Could medically issue be a play? That usually is and I think that's the number one message is that cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of erectile dysfunction in men over the age of 40. It's a warning sign, it's taking guilt out of it, the shame out of it, make it into the medical issue that it really is and it becomes a much more solvable entity.

So what sighs should a woman be looking for if their husband has erectile dysfunction related to cardiovascular? You know it's interesting because the risk factors that go along with erectile dysfunction, are exactly the same risk factors that go with cardiovascular disease, all the things you talked about before.

High blood pressure, diabetes, obesity but this is what's really interesting is sometimes erectile dysfunction is the only sign that someone might have a life threatening illness. So if there's no other explanation and a man is suddenly unable to maintain an erection, he needs to make sure that he doesn't have some underlying cardiovascular disease because it's all about blood flow and if there's not good blood flow to the penis, he's not going to be able to either get or maintain an erection.