What Are Some Common Myths About Men and Relationships?

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And we're back with Steve Harvey, and he says there are three lies that women have been told about men that are hurting their relationships today. I mean Steve, how do these lies get started? Women share information with each other, and they get their information from their mums and their grandmother that's not just being true.

And they pass this information down from generation to generation, they share it with each other and beauty salons and they just talk like it's really the real deal. When I hear some of this stuff I go, wow, who told you all that? Because certainly they didn't ask me about it. Alright, so we are going to go through three of these big lies, are you curious about them? I thought you would be, I thought you would, okay.

Let's deal with lie number one, here it is. My girlfriends say, once a cheater, always a cheater, is that's true? Once a cheater always a cheater, now you are saying that's a lie? That's the biggest false. Look, people get it right. People get it right, every man is willing to change.

It's just that we're willing to change usually for one woman. If a guy cheated in the past it's because he wasn't happy there, she wasn't the one. If a guy gets it right, every person has the right to make a mistake, get up and get it right. I did it, so you can't tell me that. My wife and I have the best relationship I've ever had.

I've never been happy in an adult relationship before. For the first time in my life I found happiness, I'm so complete with the person who completed me. Why would I cheat on that? I wouldn't go outside and mess that up, men once they cheat it does not mean they cheat forever, that's a fallacy.

My wife, she will shoot me. I wouldn't have any future relationships and I'm only asking this because I think a lot of, women are you buying this? The issue is that doesn't past performance predict future behavior? A guy can get it right, you can be a horrible person young and get it together and become a great person.

I mean come on, so if you meet a guy who's gone through it, maybe made some mistakes but he's gotten it together you've got to see about that. You're going to knock down the man pool for yourself drastically if you're trying to find a guy who has been perfect his whole life. Because look at the presidential campaign, there's nobody there.

They aren't going to have anybody running for President. All right, let's find out about lie number two, take a look. I love to cook and I've always been told a the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, is that true? The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so what do you think? Why is that a lie? I mean it's not entirely true.

Yeah I know guys who sit in women's house and eat great meals and then go sleep somewhere else. So, yeah, you cook great but I'm going over here to get some other kind of cooking and that's where I'm going to be. But here is the deal, the only way to a man's heart is really how I'd put this in a book, it's loyalty, support and the cookie.

The cookie.The cookie, tell us about the cookie That's important and I call it the cookie because I didn't want to just say sex. You meant sex by that? Yeah that's the cookie. I'm kidding. Yeah. I call it the cookie because, everybody I know like cookies. All right, let's move on to the Final lie that women have been told about men.

I'm a strong independent women and my sister told me those qualities often intimidate men, could that be true? This is a big one, if it's a lie, men are intimidated by strong women. That's a huge fallacy. Men are intimidated by strong independent women that's a lie. Men can be scared of a lot of staff, women aren't one of them.

It's what we do. It's what we were born for, we're not afraid of you, so the strong, independent thing is a myth, we're not afraid of you. We're just afraid that we won't be able to fit in with you so we stay away from you. Oh, you do everything, I've got my own house, I've got my own car.

Well you know you can't sleep in, well you could but you need me for something and a woman has to make it clear that it's okay to need a man and just like very man needs a woman. It has been a wonderful time. I enjoyed it man. He has written a great book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, you've all heard about it, it's available now on Paperback and guess what? The entire audience today going home with a copy because we love you so much.

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