Is Penis Curvature Normal?

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It's a pleasure. Welcome to the show. So, what's your question dear? That is curvature normal. Curvature, how many people think curvature is normal? Come on down, I want to explain this to you. Sometimes it's good to have a demonstration. You know what these purple gloves are for? Oh yeah.

Show time, show time is right. So, here's the deal, come closer. Oh! god. Is that real? That real. So, let's talk about this. First of all this is from a kadabra it doesn't have the suppleness of general male penis, but that's what it looks like when it's taken out this is the same person.

This is what the foreskin looks like obviously in a Kadabra. But I want to point out the inside because if we look carefully there, magnify that a little bit more area. So, that little hole right there is where the urine comes out, it's where the semen comes through, and you'll notice that there there's two curvature a little side of it.

And you see the casing on the outside, you see that little white stuff. So, go and and squeeze that [xx] everybody. Don't drop it you talk the penis, I'm married doctor that shouldn't not be [xx] [xx] Dee[sp?], and I went alone. We've been on a take for this? I knew this would degenerate.

You see how that outer winning is sort of fake casing, and what happens is that this metaphorically is what the shark look like, and off course normally it doesn't have a bent to it, and little bend is okay. But overtime it gets little sharks it's look like that. Can you see that there? Yes.

And when you get that crack it curves in, and over time it can rely burn a lot. They can make a right angle turn and that is because the soaring is accumulated, and that can be quite uncomfortable in some folks. So, Dr fisch[sp?] medically what will be the problem? Well, first all a slight curve is okay as you saw everybody said that it's probably normal it is normal.

But, the issue is if you cannot penetrate and if it's a right angle. I've seen more penis than you. But a lot of men because trauma for whatever reason remember it's an information when you have sex it's like an activity. So, you constantly irritating some parts of the penis so it cause an inflammation a contraction, and if it'a a contraction like this you just wont be able to penetrate.

Now, if the curve is too much, it's okay, because of the stimulation, and in the initial of the vagina where the clitoris and everything else. But, if you are going to miss that G spot which is right up on top, well, that a promise so either you fix the penis, or move the G-spot.

Thank you very much. We appreciate very much..