Is My Penis Size Determined By Heredity or Another Factor?

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A video question from Amira in New Jersey, go ahead Amira. Dr. Eyre my name is Amira and I've always wanted to know, is endowment, is it hereditary? Is it something that is in the food you eat as baby? Where does it come from? So what does it mean by endowment? It's actually a gene called an the Hox gene and it regulates the length of your fingers as well as other parts of your body and it turns out that your index finger.

Wow that's long. It's actually a pretty good indicator, but I got to point out something that you genes for your index finger and other parts of your body come from your father and your mother. So for that reason there is a lot of reasons why you may not look just like dad, and of course hormone levels are very important especially when you're young in allowing all your body to germinate to what it could possibly be.

But next time you shake hands with somebody keep the index finger in mind.