Do All Older Men Have Erectile Dysfunction?

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Hi what's your name? Hi my name is Lee. Hi Lee. I'm in my mid 40s and I've only dated a younger guy and I'm kind of afraid to date older guys because all of my girlfriends tell me that older guys have Erectile Dysfunction, and I'm wondering if every man that is older experiences that.

How many guys here had Erectile Dysfunction? Just testing. So can you hold for a second. Yea, here's the deal, it's actually fascinating that many men, probably a quarter never ever experience erectile dysfunction. And that to me is important because I want to know what that quarter of men are doing.

The numbers are falling, by the time you're 40, about 20% of men had erectile dysfunction, it's 1% more every year. So by the time you're 45 there's 25% chance you'll have it, by the time you're 50, 30% chance and so on and so forth. So, it does become more prominent as get's older, but most guys don't have erectile dysfunction until they're much older and even that is a good number of them who are not going to have any issues whatsoever.

One little tidbit, when guys get older overweight, that increases dramatically, the incidence of erectile dysfunction. Because just like it poisons your arteries going down there, it will poison your arteries everywhere else, and that whole system doesn't work so well. So that's one little test you might apply when you look at somebody.

But I'll give you all the guys a shot. Thank you so much.