Why Is Napping Good for Me?

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It comes out the pressure with it, are you ready now Sheila? I'm ready Okay question number three, at least how many times a week should your man nap to reduce his risk of heart attack. Is it three times or five times. What do you guys think? They're writing the answers down, they're debating it.

So audience what do you guys think? They're putting their hands up, a lot of sincere, we are going to find out in a moment. Go ahead Shanon. Shanon thinks it's [xx] Does Daniel nap a lot? I like to nap So I would say, he doesn't really ever nap. He doesnt? No, he doesn't ever stop.

Let's see Daniel, you don't stop. What d you do? Finally match, okay, now what we have to do is [xx] the right answer you'll get a point. Keira what do you have down there? She wrote down 3 what are you doing? What's point there? I've got to get my sleep. Five[sp?] we have no pionts [xx] and guess what, 64% of you were right about this.

The correct answer is three, three times a week. [xx] will you walk us through it? Sure, so napping is great for you it's nature's natural stress reducer and what happened there was a study, researchers looked into it that people who napped on average 30 minutes 3 times a week at least, reduce their risk of dying from cardiovascular disease by 37%.

So now what you need is an excuse to take a nap but there's a good one for you. So, we have a winner, we have a winner. [xx] congratulations for carrying your team to victory but you could not have done it of course without [xx] chipping in, so guess what? you know what's happening this month? Miami's Romance Month is coming up, so you're getting a 5 day couples get away to Champions Epic Hotel in Miami.

To learn more about how you can save your man's life check out my article in the [xx] of [xx] magazine everybody in the audience is going home with a copy [xx] and [xx] magazine replay congratulations we'll be right back everybody. Congratulations. You did a good job.