When Do Heart Attacks Most Commonly Happen?

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We're back with Dr. Gary Beckerman and do you see this? Okay dig in and we're revealing the number one thing you need to do this weekend and every weekend to prevent the hidden threats that happen on Monday morning. Dr. Beckerman, talk to me about these hidden threats. It turns out that Monday morning is like a ticking time bomb, especially for women who are pulled in so many different directions, your blood pleasure spikes in the morning, your cholesterol is higher and your blood is actually thicker.

Platelets want to clot earlier in the morning. So we talked about this before, the most common time to have a heart attack is when? Monday. Monday morning, we all know that. So what we'll talk about right now will save a life this weekend, this weekend. You literary can change the odds of something happening on Monday just from what we're about to teach you, so talk to us about the best way.

Early steps to prevent this risks. Let's start with Sunday night, Sunday night dinner you have a little bit more time to prepare so we are going to incorporate some ingredients that are going to make his heart healthier, not just Monday morning, but everyday of the week. Right so we both come up with some things few things in particular.

They help start, but you got to add them to your Sunday night dinner and Case has gotten involved in giving us some really important tips here. First let's talk about blood pressure, which is the driving agent talked about that but in particular to avoid that Monday heart attack, that's critical, what are the things we do on Sunday that are wrong and what can we do to change them.

Well a lot of us want to reach hotty comfort food on Sunday night, so that's what I love about soup. This is also lazy man soup, it all goes in at once, and you boil and simmer. It's going to give you that comfort, it kind of take you off the clock which moms and women and in particular like, I'm a working mom I know I like that, but two big things for blood pressure this powerful we are putting in are beans, the first one and beans are rich in folic acids which help literally lower homocysteine which is one of those markers of inflammation.

The other thing, if we swap animal protein for beans that is clinically shown to help lower blood pressure, lower rate of heart attacks. Secondly we want to add grains rich in polyphenols. Polyphenols are this powerful antioxidant so we are adding Quinoa. You could use amaranth as well, a lot of this ancient grains are making a come back, and I love quinoa because it's high in protein, and iron, and fiber, but quinoa is also high in magnesium and magnesium literally helps relax our blood vessels, so it helps keep our blood pressure low.

Okay it's great talent, she's smart as a tech about figuring how to make it help people but she's also talented at making recipes, that's yours as mine. But it has to taste better who cares what I'm saying, It's just this, right? Yeah, it's really good Soup, you can have the recipe available on your site.

doctoroz.com, check it out great. I,m happy to see you here. Thank you. How are you doing for lunch. They a fill up blood clots. The big issue is that got gum and risks all our lives on Monday mornings, what can we do about that? I call this the anti-rambodic, anti-blood clotting spices, you have rosemary,thyme and garlic.

And these are great, you can incorporate them into your food very easily. And the great thing about them is not only will they make your heart healthier, but they are flavorful, so you won't have to add extra salt. Works well, it's smart, it's intelligent, simple and it's a great combination.

Okay, Kate, final thing. You got a fruit combination that you argue can help us throw a lot of things including the cholesterol issue that can sometimes predispose to a heart attack on Monday. Absolutely and a lot of people, let's face it they well short of eating enough fruits and vegetables during the weekend, so we want to end on a sweet note and on a powerful note for our health.

So, we've got strawberries which are packed with anti-oxidants that help literally reduce that LDL plaque cholesterol build up, and then kiwis, kiwi is another super star, so fiber and antioxidants are that winning combination that are going to help with cholesterol, because fiber remember physically helps pull bad cholesterol from our body.

So we got great options, we put them all here, you can wrap up your weekend with this thing kick start your body for a healthy new week. For giving wonderful advice, great recipe and the chili thanks for the great tips. I love the special shopping catalog, right back everybody.