What Should I Look for When Buying an Omega-3 Supplement?

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We are back and we are talking about omega-3 done here with Doctor Kenny Edwards who has helped me come up with guidelines help make the right choices when it comes to buying these supplements doctor let talk about the different strengths that are available. Oh, my goodness the range is huge from almost no omega-3's to nine to miligrams of Omega-3 per pill so I basically tell patients to get some that have the highest amount of Omega-3 that you can find.

There are government regulations that are supposed to help us figure this out how valuable are they? Well the FTA does have the power to go after companies that don't have the amounts that they are supposed to have in them as well as they are contaminated. You will see this all the time but the problem is their funding.

The FTA is grossly underfunded, so they just do not have enough people to be a able to go out and do all of the testing on the supplements that they should. Talking gives you figure out if a proxy can be a good one or a bad one. Well my favorite is I tell all my patients to go to consumerlab.com, consumerlab.com.

We look that on doctoroz.com, so books have resource to go, with more than a thousand Omega-3 items on the shelves we give you all three rules you need to know when you go shopping, rule number one is look for DHA, those three letters, DHA have to be infront the omega-3, and why is that very important? Well, DHA is the one that has been shown to be so overwhelmingly helpful for not only the brain health but also lowering [xx] cholestrol potentially decreasing the packs in the heart, so you want to make sure your supplement have at least 600 milligrams of DHA.