What Should I Know About High Blood Pressure?

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Yes it is. Put this over, to monitor it. You don't know your blood pressure, you can't treat your blood pressure so what I want to do is teach you a little bit about, a home monitoring device. Have you ever seen one of these? I've seen one, but I've never used one. This is called the Omron Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Device.

Do I do this now? Yes we do right now, while everyone's watching we're going to find your blood pressure. Okay, you're the doctor. I'm the doctor but I want you to be the world expert, so you put it on, simple to do and you press the start button. It doesn't get simpler than that, and then while I'm making small talk with you it's going to check your blood pressure, you're going to feel this cuff begin to squeeze in your arm, these things are very reliable, I have used in our free clinics all over the country.

Have you tried things for your blood pressure in the past? I've tried on medication in the past. You have? Why did you stop? I don't like it. A lot people don't like. It doesn't make me feel good, makes me feel worse. I have a busy life I have no time for that. Most people don't like being on blood pressure medications but what you're doing in lieu of blood pressure medication? Have you checked it to know that it's okay, your blood pressure? No, I was supposed to go back in a month, I didn't go back.

Why not? Because I came to see Dr. Oz. I am flattered, honored that you came to see me, I really am. But I got to say, managing blood pressure is probably the most important thing we can do if we want to live the long life to exact. Otherwise, you got this fire heart and blasting away the running of your arteries rusting your size so the reason to go to doctor not to get medications, the reason to go to the doctor or frankly just take charge of your own health is so you don't need the medications, does that somehow make sense everybody? Yeah.

[APPLAUSE] I am so passionate about that. Now your blood pressure, you get me to rallied up? Yes. Right we're going to find that if you're right. That's bad, that's really bad. I'm surprised your lower number is so high 138 over 116 I don't think you can all see that. You can see that? 138 out of 116 is higher than I want it to be, I'm going to take you back at the show and I'm going to check it again just to make sure you're not so stressed up, that you're not going to get that high in number, but here is the big issue you got to know your numbers and you got to treat the numbers.

Can't run away from it, fair enough? Fair enough. Listen, Joan, you've been wonderful as a guest and I what you recognize I appreciate you all being here, and everybody in the audience today is going to get your own at home blood pressure monitor from Omron and for our viewers at home, logon to doctoroz.com to get a $10 coupon for any Omron blood pressure monitor while supplies last, we'll be right back.You were great? Thank you.

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