What Should I Do If I Think Someone Is Having a Heart Attack?

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In the special edition of Ask Dr. Oz, your favorite actors, your facorite musicians, TV personalities, they are all here and are asking for some help with the most intimate health dilemmas. You picked the right show to watch because today is all about Ask Dr. Oz the Celebrity Edition.

Okay, right to it, you can go to find them on, and I love being her guest under two very successful shows, The View, and the Joy Behar Show. Please welcome the award winner Joy Behar. Oh my goodness! That was a very legal incense. Wasn't that best? Alright, so questions. Yes, here's my question, it's a serious question actually.

My mother you know my mother died of a heart condition but she actually had her first heart attack when she was 50, so that's kind of young, and then my uncle, Tony, he was 58, he was driving his car, and just dropped dead behind the wheel, and as if the heart attach had no clues.

That was terrible. So, I want to ask you, what are you supposed to do, if you're in the family with that type of situation? Well, let's talk about the most important thing because when people collapse of a heart attack, they do it with their family, and we loose a lot of lives just because you can't get there in time to help.

You've got a golden few minutes to make a difference. So, let me show you what can happen when a cardiac arrest occurs in front of you which will usually be with your family. Okay. So, here's the reflection of what it might look like. My Ex-husband is here. I get it, who would have thought? How did you ever get that? So, some dummy has fallen in front of you, and are lying flat.

What is the first thing you do? I guess give them mouth to mouth, no that's really that's if they are drowning wait a minute, I don't know tell me. The first thing you do is call 911. Always now show me what you going to to show me mouth to mouth. Okay, I'm ready. Okay, just I guess you hold the noise, then you just breath.

Stop, mistake this is a big one, and that's why I had you do it. Okay. New guideline have changed completely. It used to be we did mouth to mouth. Without telling me? Who would have thought. From now on no more mouth to mouth at all. Oh, really? Here's why, when you collapse you have enough oxygen in your body already.

The reason we did mouth to mouth was to blow air into your lungs. All you had to do is chest compression, because you will circulate the option that is their and prevent the blood from clotting. Okay. Show me chest compression. I guess so. Put your back into it. Now, one more lesson here and we will do it together.

I will get behind you, I will only do this for a while. You do want our arm to be straight, and lean your chest over the person use your weight especially for women doing chest compression, this is very important, you got to put your back into it. My God he is a live. He is alive. Now, the ray, the last of this supporting stick.

Remember, Joy tried to kiss the dummy and I pulled him back because you don't have to worry about it anymore it's all about chest compression 100 times a minute, you got to go fast, to get that blood going. You got that, I have kissed enough dummies in my days. I don't need to do that anymore.

Now, lets say the dummy is not unconscious yet. Dummy is having a heart attack but hasn't collapsed, now what are you going to do? The dummies is having a heart attack, but hasn't collapsed. Given them an aspirin. Call first 911, and then give then an aspirin. Yes. You know it just so happens that I have hooked up with bear aspirin , and I have a very handy little item for you to have you girls you can always give this as a Christmas gift see this is a pill tone, see this? I attach it to my is seeing it the security.

In this little thing, you could put in your kitchen, there is an aspirin in there, and you just have it all in, just then you use it, it's great, isn't it? It's a smart idea. Can I tell them where to get it?, Yeah tell them. Okay. Where you get is you go on the web to iamproheart.com, and they have all the information there.

Now, here's an important point. The aspirin is critical because it thins the blood. Heart attacks happen because the blood clots in a bad location when you thin the blood you get it going, it's also an anti-inflammatory, make sense? You want to stick around for a little bit? It's alright.

Okay, come have a sit.